“Working with Jeff and Chloe on White Collar Week has been an absolute blessing. First, just knowing they exist – that people are devoting time and energy to healing on the other side of corruption or falling off-course – is awe-inspiring. This is the kind of cultural healing that is going to bring all of us to a better place.Jeff and Chloe both brought a practical understanding to the larger issue, a heart for the deeper forces at play, and utmost respect to the process. As podcast host/co-guest, they were skillful, articulate, clear, and reassuring. The conversation was in very capable hands, and I felt we reached an important level of connection as a result.

When I wrote in Can’t Stop the Sunrise about Humanizing as the ultimate path to transforming corruption, I had no idea I would be so fortunate as to meet others walking that road. Not only are they walking the path, they are reaching the people who truly need the message of hope in redemption – the most encouraging kind of trailblazing! Jeff knows that regarding each other as whole humans is how we grow personally and collectively. Now, I have met people who are further along the path still, and giving me hope as we all walk it together… Thank you Jeff Grant and Chloe Coppola!