“I first found out about Rev. Jeff Grant and Progressive Prison Ministries about two years ago in 2018 through a stray email that found its way into my inbox. I was most interested in their weekly online White Collar Support Group. I intended to check it out but, as happens more and more frequently, I got distracted, busy and forgot about it. Then, a few months ago–in April 2020 I got another email from Rev. Grant and PPM announcing that they were going to have their 200th White Collar Support Group Meeting (4-year anniversary). I couldn’t make that hallmark meeting but have attended and participated on 10 out of 12 meetings over the past three months. What a rare and powerful forum this is! I’m 55 years old and have been in recovery from addictive-compulsive stealing for 35+ years (since 1990). I shoplifting or stole from the workplace about a thousand times between ages 15 – 25. I lived a secret life and was arrested twice for shoplifting and fired from two jobs for employee theft before hitting my bottom in the middle of law school.

I came clean with my family, got into therapy and began making lemonade from the lemons of pain and shame that was my life. In 1992, I founded C.A.S.A. (Cleptomaniacs And Shoplifters Anonymous) – a free, open, weekly support group in metro-Detroit. I did get licensed as an attorney, then got my MSW, and have worked as an addictions therapist the last 23 years. I’ve written four addiction recovery books and have been a point-person in the media. Rev. Grant’s path and my path have many similarities. So, I connected with his story and his support group easily and deeply. The White Collar Support Group helps me personally, helps me assist my clients, and I’ve referred several clients to attend the group as well. Progressive Prison Ministries is a beacon of light in a darkened world.