I have known Jeff Grant since 1981, when I hired him as an Associate in my law firm shortly after he graduated from law school. I was confident that Jeff would become a talented attorney and successful. Yet, I did not fully appreciate all that he would become.
In creating Progressive Prison Ministries, Jeff has established a platform, more aptly a lifeline, for those in the throes of despair, uncertainty, and lacking direction who are either about to be sentenced to prison or addressing the difficulties of life after prison.  It is one thing to offer a forum where people can share their experiences, hopes, and fears, but Jeff’s genius is in shepherding the ever-growing number of people who have sought refuge and support.  Jeff’s leadership is paramount to the community.  More than that, Jeff’s demeanor, willingness to share his journey, bear his soul, and his insecurities break the ice for others to join in the discussions offering direction and purpose to the group. As the organization continues to grow, it has developed other forums to assist not only those who lived through the gauntlet of prison but also a path to help families and loved ones deal with the trauma suffered by those who remain behind. – Robert Simels, Connecticut