“It is the shared experience of destructive interactions with the judicial system that brought us together, our honest conversations about the human experience that keep us together, and Jeff’s leadership that allows us to be a light in the world for others.”


“He is realistic in his advice, sympathetic when he needs to be, and has brought me clarity and helped me put one foot in front of the other when I didn’t think I could muster up the strength to even get out of bed.”
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Ashley Cole FurstColorado (released from Federal Prison to home confinement due to coronavirus)

“Jeff, and the Ministry, provide an essential and critical forum to demystify the process and have a warm safe secure group of people who are all experiencing what you are going through.”
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Craig RothfeldNYC (home 3+ years from state prison)

“Exactly one year later here I am thanks to the men and women, a melting pot of amazing humans, in the group who helped me defuse the shame of ‘I’m a very smart person, how could I have been so stupid!!!”
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Debbie ColbournCalgary, Canada

“It was, perhaps, the first time I had been able to recount the events without being asked to explain my thinking or justify my actions.”

Jeff KrantzNYC (sentenced to probation without prison 5+ years ago)

“I was guided to Jeff’s door by complete chance and little did I know that I had just hit the proverbial lottery that would help shape and change my life.”

Jeffrey AbramowitzPhiladelphia (home 5+ years after serving in Federal prison)

“He took the time to hear me out, listen to my fears, concerns, and hopes, and invited me to network with him and others in a way that helped me be conscious of the fact that my struggles are shared by others.”

Joshua C. CagneyVirginia (home after 10+ years after serving in state prison)

“So much of my experience has isolated me from the community I used to know. Jeff’s group has provided a fellowship of people with whom I related immediately. This resource is also providing me with practical advice as I prepare to enter the prison system.”
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AnonymousMaine (released from state prison to home confinement due to coronavirus)

“Yes, there were others in the White Collar Ministry Support Group who had addictions, but to listen to others who committed non-violent, white-collar crimes instantly gave me a sense of comfort and belonging.”
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Fr. Rix ThorsellNew Jersey (sentenced to probation without prison 5+ years ago)

“This group come together sharing what those feelings are like for a lifetime after making a mistake in the hope of criminal justice reform. Of the need to have personal and community growth, but most of all in the chance to shed a stigma of deep regret, shame and suffering and how to become a beacon of hope, compassion and tolerance!”
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Fr. Joseph CicconeNew Jersey (sentenced to probation 15+ years ago)