“Moreover, Jeff has shown compassion and grace to me, which has at times been missing during these dark days. His calming demeanor and steady guidance is a true blessing.”
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JasonConnecticut (awaiting sentencing to Federal prison)

“I know the road ahead will be difficult, but Jeff has helped me to put things into a healthy perspective, and I know that I will be alright. Jeff is trustworthy, wise, and compassionate – I’m glad he is with me on this journey.”
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Tim H.Florida (currently serving in a Federal prison)

“Therefore, Rev Jeff Grant can give you sound advice and from an independent and experienced point of view, keep you grounded, and keep you on the best possible path given the circumstances. His resource pool is phenomenal, as he has assisted people from all walks of life from all over the country.”
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Jay SpinaNew York (currently serving in a Federal prison)

“Being a part of Progressive Prison Ministries, Inc. is one of the most important steps I have taken to begin my own healing process while helping others and giving back through the power of human connection.”
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AnonymousSt. Louis (released from Federal Prison to home confinement due to coronavirus)

“Having the right attorney is critical in deciding which way to go. Fortunately one of the first things Jeff asked when we spoke was who was representing me and he took the time to walk me through the process of learning what I should expect regarding background, and their areas of expertise.”

Keith O.New York (serving time in a Federal prison)

“To my amazement, he immediately responded and we ended up having a great conversation about life, spirituality and the journey of redemption.”

William P., Virginia(home 1+ year after serving in Federal prison)

“There is no judgment at the meetings and everyone there is trying to support each other. Most important of all, I now realize that I do not need live my life in shame.”
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S.P., California(home 10+ years after serving in Federal prison)

“The best part of these calls over the last couple of years has been taking relationships off-line. I have met several of the men and women that have been on the calls. They are more than friends.”
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AnonymousAtlanta (home 5+ years after serving in a state prison)

“Both Jeff and his wife Lynn have offered help for our family, including my husband, which makes for very comfortable and loving approach for help.”
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AnonymousConnecticut (released from prison due to Covid-19 protocols)

“The group has been my weekly outlet where we are amongst our own, and nothing is off limits to discuss. I learned my issues and obstacles were common amongst others that have been through the same ‘system’ as me.”

Leon B.Atlanta (home 10+ years after serving in Federal prison)