“I have known Jeff for approximately 15 years, through good times and bad, sometimes on a nearly daily basis. I know of no one with his dedication, range of experience and better able to minister to his flock. His strategy and judgment border on genius.”


“Jeff is a fantastic human being with a powerful passion for people. I value his insight, structure and hard work ethic, and will be forever changed from knowing him.”
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Meredith Atwood, Podcast Host, Triathlete, Speaker, Author: The Year of No Nonsense, Massachusetts

“His story is very moving, as he is earnestly helping individuals and families move from incarceration to meaningful re-entry into civilian life.”
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Toni QuestPodcast and TV Show Host, New York

“He’s built national platforms for re-entry into productive society ranging from white collar crime to those from economically deprived areas. He is a literal bridge to the future. A second chance paragon in a time when we need a second chance society.”
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Jim CampbellHost, “Business Talk with Jim Campbell” – Nationally Syndicated on the Biz Talk Radio Network, Author – Madoff Speaks, Greenwich, CT

“What impresses me most about Jeff is his candor, commitment to his sobriety, acceptance of the consequences of his behavior before he became sober, and service to others.”
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Rev. Pete PowellChrist & Holy Trinity Church, Westport, Connecticut

“As Bishop and Pastor of Saint Joseph Church I fully and happily endorse and recommend Fr. Grant in serving the members and families of those that have been impacted by the Criminal Justice System and those in crisis and returning to society.”
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Rev. Joseph CicconeLead Pastor, Saint Joseph Mission Church, Cliffside Park, New Jersey

“Jeff is a shining example of how we all evolve and learn from our mistakes.”
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Aaron KinzelProfessor, University of Michigan-Dearborn, Michigan

“There is one school of thought that says ‘people never change,’ but I don’t believe that. Witnessing the core evolutions in Jeff Grant from close quarters over the span of many years, I can say with assurance that Jeff is living proof of the contrary. The strength, courage and steadfastness in Jeff’s recovery and his transition into a new life is truly inspirational. I am proud to claim Jeff as a friend and colleague, and to watch his ministry and other service work take shape and expand, as he dedicates himself to the embodiment of his faith.”
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William Nix, EsqLos Angeles, CA

“Jeff and Chloe both brought a practical understanding to the larger issue, a heart for the deeper forces at play, and utmost respect to the process.”
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Vanessa OsageWashington State, President of The Amends Project and author of Can’t Stop the Sunrise: Adventures in Healing, Confronting Corruption & the Journey to Institutional Reform

“This community has inspired me to be kinder to myself, untether myself from my past instead of overanalyze it, and most importantly, realize I am never alone.”

Chloe CoppolaWorld’s Greatest Advocate & Assistant