“Jeff’s solid spiritual core has been forged in the fire of his life experiences – from his early high flying legal career to subsequent incarceration, followed by rebirth and redemption and the tirelessly passionate assembly of his ministry with his loving wife Lynn. Jeff has been extraordinarily generous with his time, talents and wisdom. He is a most perceptive and discerning listener, and incisive sounding board always grounded in solution-oriented spiritual and practical counsel. He has been of invaluable assistance in helping me navigate my own personal journey in recovery and reconstruction. Whereas I was once homeless, in the throes of addiction, facing daunting legal circumstances and estranged from my children, I am now in a stable home, self-supporting, repairing the family relationships that once seemed beyond salvation and an active contributing member in service to my community. This would not have been possible without Jeff’s ministry and guidance for which I am immensely and forever grateful.”