“I heard about Jeff and his ministry through an article on forbes.com. In the weeks leading up to reaching out to Jeff, I had come to realize I had very serious tax and related issues on my hands. I was not sure who to reach out to. Though I had not received any official indictment, I was living every day as though I would find a notice in my mailbox or on my front door.

In my first conversation with Jeff, I came to have more perspective on what I had done and what my situation was in a larger picture. With Jeff’s encouragement, I immediately took decisive steps to change the course in which I was heading with my budding small business, and to mitigate any potential criminal or other liabilities I may face. 

“Writing this review a year later, I can say that through conversations with Jeff; the community of the white-collar support group; and lots of action with the assistance of legal counsel and an accountancy firm: I no longer live with the daily fear and anxiety that overwhelmed me just one year ago. I now hold my head high and happily answer the phone no matter what number is calling. Yes, there have been some negative consequences but I have been able to deal with them thanks to the added perspective and courage I have gained.

I encourage anyone who is facing similar challenges to reach out to Jeff. May it be a firm stone along the path you walk, even as it is for me.”