Jeff Grant’s White Collar Support Group offers a powerful forum to help former inmates overcome the experience of White Collar incarceration, reenter the community and rebuild a life. Upon release, former inmates can dream of a new start. Still, it’s challenging to overcome the history of our malfeasance and the ineffable experience of incarceration: its agony, isolation, sense of exile, the misery of day-to-day confinement and excruciating self-loathing. All of it lingers long after the arrival home. What’s special about Jeff is he continues to remain in the trenches with you, reminding us that the struggle is life-long but always trending positive, especially with the help of others, by continuing to communicate our honest tribulations. He is relentlessly pursuing positive outcomes but always mindful of the hurdle, regularly offering his own struggles and occasional setbacks so that we are never left to face these challenges in a vacuum or alone. – John Dimenna, Florida