“”In my initial conversation with Jeff I recounted the events leading to my conviction and described the details surrounding my present circumstances. Jeff was an astute and thoughtful listener who left space for me to  get through the story in my own time. His personal experience informed our conversation with compassion, empathy and understanding. It was, perhaps, the first time I had been able to recount the events without being asked to explain my thinking or justify my actions. I breathed a little more freely knowing that the person I was speaking to had first hand knowledge of what  I had been through.

Jeff suggested that I participate in the Monday night White Collar Support Group where I could engage with others who had become similarly embroiled in the criminal justice system and who were at various stages of processing their experiences. The weekly meeting is populated by a diverse group whose reliable wisdom, respite and thoughtful help, informs each session.  Through their listening and the open sharing of their experiences  an alchemy of healing is evinced.”