“I was introduced to Jeff by a mutual friend and fellow traveler that thought it would be good for us to connect.  Our friend was right, it was good and is good that we connected.  As someone who has spent time in prison for white collar crimes, albeit NYS Prison (not to be mistaken with “club fed”) and who is steeped in the understandings and teachings of 12-step recovery programs, what Jeff has done with the Ministry is fantastic.  There are so many scary things about the odyssey one takes from arrest/indictment, to plea, to sentencing, to remand.  Jeff, and the Ministry, provide an essential and critical forum to demystify the process and have a warm safe secure group of people who are all experiencing what you are going through.  The people and resources that Jeff makes available are priceless to families and individuals facing incarceration.  As someone who is studying to become a criminologist and has devoted his life to criminal justice advocacy and advisory services, I feel incredibly grateful on both a personal and professional level to be a part of Jeff’s life and the White Collar Support Group.”