“Jeff has created and nurtured a beautiful community of support, hope and light. Community members have first hand knowledge of what it takes to withstand fear-provoking federal investigations, face complex charges, and navigate a labyrinthine criminal justice system. The community is warm and welcoming, honest and supportive, transparent and non-judgemental. Our time together provides important opportunities to share stories, express feelings, offer encouragement and express solidarity in silence. Our community is diverse in many ways and offers a place for everyone. Yet we are united in our hope, humility and commitment to continuous personal reflection and growth. Our members have faced and survived extremely challenging circumstances and have emerged stronger, wiser and more grateful for their lived experiences. I am grateful to have been introduced to Jeff and been welcomed into this community. My participation experiences have given me opportunities to listen, share, offer, learn, hope, be thankful and find peace. No two human beings live exactly the same life and no two people in our community are exactly the same. Yet we share a deeply-held and unwavering belief in the limitless capacity of the human spirit to overcome hardship and transform painful experiences into opportunities to help others.  I am a better person for having been part of this group. It is the shared experience of destructive interactions with the judicial system that brought us together, our honest conversations about the human experience that keep us together, and Fr. Jeff’s leadership that allows us to be a light in the world for others.