“With Jeff’s encouragement, I immediately took decisive steps to change the course in which I was heading with my budding small business, and to mitigate any potential criminal or other liabilities I may face….”

Jordan C.New York

“My clients have called upon him and have been greatly helped. His insight and empathy help men and women deal with life changing circumstances and he helps them come out of this stronger and deeper…”

Todd Conormon, Esq.Miami (Special Counsel - Jones, Walker, LLP)

“Jeff Grant does what others can’t; use his personal experience losing his marriage, his law practice, and his freedom to show others facing this same fate that there is a future they can return to that is purposeful and full of joy where they can recover their self respect and contribute to society.”

Jon May, Esq.Miami (Special Counsel - Jones, Walker, LLP)

“I am an entrepreneur and Founder/former CEO of JustLeadershipUSA. I met with Jeff for 45 minutes and the conversation demystified so many questions I had about the next iteration of my real estate business. Jeff’s decades of experience, forthrightness and steady hand are invaluable to entrepreneurs like me.”

Glenn E. MartinNYC (Home 15+ years from prison)

“Whether struggling with the most difficult crucible many of us will ever face before going inside, or coming home and facing the intense personal and financial difficulties of re-entry, Jeff has been a staunch ally and informational godsend for hundreds if not thousands of men and women over the past decade.”
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Michael KimelmanNew York (home 7+ years from Federal prison)

“It was not until I came home and met Jeff Grant that I truly started my journey to redemption and forgiveness.”
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Jacqueline PolverariConnecticut (home 5+ years after serving in Federal prison)

“Jeff spoke as if he was living inside of my body at that exact moment. He spoke of shame and isolation; he spoke of uncertainty and fear. His words took the air from my lungs.”
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Craig StanlandNew York (home 5+ years from Federal prison)

“I was the Sheriff of Bergen County, New Jersey. For many of us our story is transformed into one of new beginnings, second chances, and the opportunity to make a difference in the world. That is what Jeff Grant has given to us.”
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Rev. Joseph CicconeLead Pastor, Saint Joseph Mission Church, Cliffside Park, New Jersey

“We talked for at least 90 minutes that morning, and never once did he rush me off or make me feel I was an inconvenience or my issues were not important.”
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Bill LivolsiOklahoma (released from Federal Prison to home confinement due to coronavirus)

“I was known as Tipper-X. When Jeff mentioned there is an entire group of people like us who meet weekly, I suddenly felt a sense of relief.”
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Tom HardinNew Jersey (sentenced to probation)