YouTube Video: Rejected Stones or Cornerstones? Acts 4: 1-22: A Sermon by Rev. Angela Wells-Bean, Naples U.C.C., Naples, FL, Sun., May 2, 2021

On Sun., May 2, 2021, my friend and Union Theological Seminary classmate Rev. Angela Wells-Bean discussed our ministry in her sermon at Naples United Christ of Church, Naples, Florida. Thank you Angela for the honor of being a part of your worship service.  Watch on YouTube, at 52:30:

Book Excerpt: Madoff Talks, by Jim Campbell / Author Jim Campbell Interviewed on White Collar Week Podcast with Jeff Grant

Jim Campbell has been an incredible friend to the white collar justice community, bringing unbiased and non-sensationalized truth and light to complicated subject matter. He has brought compassion and empathy to people going through the most difficult times of their lives – without ever compromising his journalistic integrity. I have had the grace and good…