Podcast: Jeff on Seeing Beneath the Surface with Toni Quest and Peter Elvidge, Ep. 60

Jeff talks criminal justice reform, white collar ministry, overcoming opioid addiction and devotion to service with Toni Quest and Peter Elvidge on the Seeing Beneath the Surface Podcast, Episode 60. Listen on YouTube: Listen on Apple Podcasts: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/seeing-beneath-the-surface/id1274257837 Listen on Facebook:    

Guest Blog: Back to the Future: How Prison Taught Me to Relearn my Relationship with Time, by Mark Olmsted

In 1981, the AIDS epidemic began, and I was living in ground zero, New York City. I had come out at a very young and precocious 16, and had enjoyed an extremely hedonistic life when I went to college at NYU – lots of drinking and sleeping around, all while still managing to do well in film school.  At 21, the future was extremely…